A few months ago I got a call from ‘serial entrepreneur’ Jamie Barber who had been bored on a plane, listening to music on his phone and thought that he’d like to have a small version of himself dancing to the music as entertainment and is that something I could produce.

Clearly bonkers I thought but hey – I’m always up for a challenge.

So, here we are now. It’s changed into a fully-fledged game with mini-games, highscores leaderboards, social media sharing, camera and masking utility, on-device music selection, the whole shebang!

Here’s a taster of the gameplay:



Produced entirely in Flash Pro (take that HTML5 – kerpow!) with the incredible Dragonbones library, utilising the awesome Starling framework for GPU accelerated animation and a bunch of ANEs from DistriqtMilkmanGames and most importantly the Songpicker ANE from the very generous RichPixel.

Edit: Dragonbones is so utterly awesome, with a little help from (the equally incredible CreateJS) I’ve managed to make a mobile-friendly HTML version of the ‘E-Card’ part of the website that allows users to share their character:



500 downloads in the first 2 days!

Go Boogie!

The tweens I have seen!

The tweens I have seen!